Monyash Toad Patrol

Monyash is home to one of the largest populations of toads, frogs and newts in the county. They have been breeding in the village meres since not long after the last ice age. Sadly, numbers of all amphibians are in sharp decline nationally, and road fatalities are one of the main reasons for this, especially for toads. Our toads converge on the one remaining mere to breed, walking from up to a mile away in all directions – but if you think about it, this means either crossing or walking along a tarmac road in just about every case. The males start to arrive first, from mid-March, followed by the larger females. The migration is normally over by mid-April.

Releasing Toads into Fere Mere (Photograph by Paul Hobson)

How to help
Over the past few years we have organised a toad patrol to collect amphibians off the roads into buckets and help them to the mere. Up to a dozen people are needed per night, usually for an hour and a half from dusk onwards. If you feel able to spare a little of your time, (it might only be an evening or two – it all helps), you will find it both fascinating and rewarding. All you need is a bucket, a torch and some bright clothing, (we have a few spare high-viz vests – just ask). The good news is, when it is cold the toads stay in their holes! The bad news is they love the rain…

Please call either Simon or Judy Corble on 07930 266218, or email and we can advise you of times, where to patrol, etc. There is no rigid rota, we cover the village as needed with whoever turns up on the green around dusk.
Most importantly, however casually you get involved, maybe just helping a few in the street outside your home, please do tell us how many toads, frogs or newts you have helped. We collate and report our nightly figures to Derbyshire Amphibian and Reptile Group and they are recorded nationally – all of which goes to help with the science behind conservation.
Many thanks!
Simon and Judy
Monyash Toad Patrol is registered with Froglife and the Dept. of Transport as an official toad crossing.