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These three dressings were erected in Monyash during the May bank holiday week in 2008.

The Adult Well Dressing commemorates the 70th anniversary of Lady Manners School, which was relocated in 1938 to Shutts Lane, Bakewell. The majority of children living in and around Monyash finish their schooling at this highly acclaimed school. The School's symbol is the Peacock depicted in the dressing and the School's motto is Pour y Parvenir - strive to attain. Money raised at this well was split between Monyash Church and Helen's Trust which helps people with incurable illnesses to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

The Junior Well Dressing is a celebration of the wildlife habitats that surround us and the many creatures that live in them. Money raised from this well went to the Link Community Development charity, which was set up in 1989, and is a partnership of non-governmental organisations working in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa and Uganda. LCD tries to ensure that there is high quality schooling for even the poorest, most rural communities.

The Infant Well Dressing is a bright and colourful dressing created by all the infants, with the message "Save the rainforests now".

70th Anniversary of Lady Manners School

Wells Dressing

Wildllife Habitats (Junior Well Dressing)

Wells Dressing

Save the rainforest now (Infant Well Dressing)

Wells Dressing

Photographs by Shirley Johnston