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These three dressings were erected close to wells in Monyash during the May bank holiday week in 2002. They are made by students at the local school, as well as by a number of adults.

This wells dressing, created by the junior pupils at Monyash Primary School, represents Pilsbury Castle, and was a tie-in with a recent project undertaken by the school. Wells Dressing
This wells dressing was created by the infants at Monyash Primary School, as is celebrating the recent Golden Jubilee of the Queen. Wells Dressing
The final wells dressing was created by a number of adults around the village. This wells dressing traditionally has a biblical theme, and this year a theme of 'The Lord is My Shepherd', taken from Psalm 23, was chosen to represent the great relief in the region at the end of the Foot and Mouth crisis. Wells Dressing

Photos by Shirley Johnston