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We’re plugging the holes in our collection of Wells Dressing photos, and we don’t have any from 2013. If you’d be prepared to let us use one or more of yours, please get in touch here.

Well DressingDressing and blessing wells is an important tradition in many Derbyshire villages, originally started as a thanksgiving for the gift of water, especially in times of drought. Three dressings are erected close to wells in Monyash during the May bank holiday week. Wells Dressings are intricate pictures depicting inspiring scenes created from local natural materials such as flower petals, mosses, leaves, twigs and small stones, which are pressed into a clay base within a wooden frame. The dressings, ranging from two feet high to six feet high, are painstakingly created over several days. The two children's wells are made by the pupils of Monyash Primary School and the adult well dressing is created by the adults with help from friends, relatives and even the occasional passer-by!!!

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