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Monyash Primary SchoolMonyash Primary School is a Church of England Controlled School for boys and girls from Monyash, Flagg, Chelmorton and other nearby hamlets and farms. The school has around 60 pupils in one infant and two junior classes. It also has a library/resources area and a separate office. The school uses the village hall for school meals and as an additional teaching space for PE etc. It also has use of a small playing field.

The school aims to help the children to develop into confident, kind, helpful and caring members of the community and co-operation between the school, home and the local community as a whole is encouraged. The school has a lively Parent, Teacher and Friends Association that meets regularly and runs various functions.

The school dates back to around 1750 when the freeholders of Monyash (Messrs. Melland, Goodwin, Newton and Holmes) provided a piece of ground in the centre of the village (where the school stands today) for the purpose of educating 12 poor children of the village. A house, garden and salary were also provided for the schoolmaster. The current building was erected in 1871, from local donations, and enlarged in 1890 when there were around 70 children in the school's two small classrooms. By 1922 the school had over 100 pupils. In 1989 the school was enlarged when the adjacent house, which used to be the schoolmaster’s house, became vacant. With the help of money from the Integrated Rural Development Scheme the villagers converted this into a third classroom with an office and storage space upstairs.

Monyash Primary School