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Please visit some of the sites listed below for more information on the surrounding area.

  • Peak District Online ( Heaps of information about places to stay and eat, and other things to do in the Peak District.
  • Peak District Tourism Website ( Useful site with much information about the Peak District and things to do in the area.
  • Flagg Nursery School ( ). A great web site for our local nursery school in the neighbouring village.
  • English Nature - Lathkill Dale ( Virtual tour of Lathkill Dale using videos, photos, panoramic images and animated sequences.
  • Peak Pictures Photo Library ( Mike Williams' Peak Pictures Photo Library contains beautiful pictures of the English countryside, especially the Peak District.
  • Flagg Village Web Site ( Lots of information about the nearby village of Flagg
  • Google Maps (,-1.7770101&z=16&hl=en&t=h). See Monyash using Google Maps
  • Primitive Hall ( This site gives information on the surrounding villages to Primitive Hall, their history and news. Recent and future events are been added all the time.
  • Cycle Trails ( Lots of information about cycling around Monyash and the Peak District.
  • Derbyshire Heritage ( A site that provides information about many interesting features of Derbyshire; prehistoric, ancient and modern.
  • Peakland Heritage ( A helpful and detailed guide about many aspects of Peakland Heritage.
  • A Taste of the Peak District ( A general tourist information website for the Peak District and surrounding areas
  • Derbyshire UK ( Interesting site containing information about the county of Derbyshire.
  • Cressbrook Multimedia (Monyash Section) ( Excellent site containing information about almost every aspect of the Peak District and surrounding area. This link leads to their section on Monyash Village.
  • High Peak Interactive ( Another site giving information about the many attractions in the Peak District.
  • Derby Photos ( Website containing hundreds of photographs of Derby and Derbyshire plus lots of historical data
  • Hartington Surgery ( Lots of really useful information about Hartington Surgery, including services offered and the ability to book appointments online.
Sunset over Monyash
Photograph by Shirley Johnston